A Rexburg family has been driven from their home and into bankruptcy by "hundreds and hundreds" of snakes that slithered inside the walls as they slept and left them and their children terrified. The garter snakes were so prevalent that the ground around their home appeared to move, according to Ben and Amber Sessions. Ben Sessions killed 42 of the serpents in one day, but eventually gave up and abandoned the home they had bought in 2009. Sessions tells the Associated Press that it was like “living in a horror movie.” They bought the house aware of the snake situation, but they thought it was overblown. Yet everyone in and around Rexburg seemed to know about the "snake house." The family couldn't continue living in the home and ended up filing for bankruptcy. The house, which the Sessions bought for $180,000, has been taken over by the lender. It is now on the market for $109,200.

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