TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-Idaho residents who used the tax preparation service TurboTax can expect to get money back for services they paid for that should have been free. The Idaho Attorney General's Office announced Idaho will get about $843,000 from TurboTax, Intuit in a nationwide settlement for charging customers for services that should have been free. Intuit agreed to pay $141 million as part of the restitution. Attorney General Lawrence Wasden said 27,237 Idaho customers who used the services between 2016 and 2018 will get $30 each for each of the years they used the online services. Consumers should get a direct payment for wrongly being charged. "An investigation into Intuit began after ProPublica reported that the company was using deceptive digital tactics to steer low-income consumers toward its commercial products and away from federally-supported free tax services," said the Attorney General's Office in a statement. Intuit will also have to suspend using the "free, free, free" advertising campaign used to lure customers into thinking the tax services would be free of charge.

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