I read a humorous letter in our shrinking local newspaper.  It was written by a man who appeared to be a Republican.  In tongue-in-cheek references, he said Idaho was in such bad shape from GOP governance that people here are fleeing the state for socialist California.  Of course, the opposite is happening as people can’t wait to get out of heavily regulated and overtaxed states run by liberals.  Yet, when you consume mainstream media in the Gem State, you get the impression we’re circling the drain (a more apt description for newspapers and TV news!)

Why is there a mental disconnect between news people and their audiences?  Newsrooms are staffed almost exclusively by fellow travelers.  Something even the lefties already know.

When the state legislature returns next week, you’ll be buried in media disdain of all things Republican.  You’ll hear the party tortures cats, starves kids, and pushes old ladies down staircases.  You’ll be told it would be better if you allowed more of your income to be confiscated, and if you see it otherwise, you’re cruel and greedy.  Hey, if the editor of your local rag wants to pay more, it’s his choice, but most of us have better uses for our own money.  If you get off the backs of the working poor, then maybe they can afford housing and stay off the streets.  That is a potential alternative to creating bigger government programs, run by bureaucrats who we’ll care for with our tax dollars into their old age.  My standard of living is sacrificed to put them on easy streets.

I’ve had enough!

Spending has already grown to ridiculous levels in Idaho compared to just a few years ago.  We need legislators during the coming session to remember.  The money they spend isn’t theirs.

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