We are a few days into our new year and new decade and maybe you are taking a good look at your life and wondering if you could be better. Sometimes that self-evaluating really makes you think about your life choices and opens your eyes to all the things you could do to be better to yourself or those around you. Sometimes you get no inspiration though because you are already awesome and don't need to change. But, you still want to make a resolution for the new year. What do you do? You could ask your friends or family who know you well what they think. You could also ask your boss or coworkers for input on how to be better at work.

Truth is though, you'll probably just Google ideas on how to be a better person since who really knows you better than your search history? That may sound a little silly to consult an internet search engine on what you need to change in your life, but that doesn't stop people from doing it. Over the last year there were people searching daily for the answers to their questions and AT&T compiled info on the searches where people asked a 'Should I' question.

Should I credit ATTSavings
Should I credit ATTSavings

Idahoans were concerned with their liquid intake. I'm assuming this was a 'should I drink alcohol' type question, but it could also have been that a lot of people felt dehydrated and were wondering if they just needed to drink some water. Some of the answers from other states are pretty great: Californians wondering if they should shave their heads and Hawaiian's wondering of they should move from the happiest state in the nation. A lot of people were left wondering if they should even care...about anything.

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