Owyhee County is one very big potty.

There is an old question about a tree falling in the forest. If no one can hear it drop does it make a sound?

This isn’t meant to disparage the place.  Driving its roads brings me closer to God.  It’s so barren, it’s beautiful.  Todd Eccles told me once he likes to just stop, turn off the ignition, get out and listen to the wind.  The feeling you get is one of emptiness, perhaps even a little anxiety, but you also find these things peaceful.

There is an old question about a tree falling in the forest.  If no one can hear it drop, does it make a sound?  Here’s what I’m getting at.  Pull your car over along Addison and Blue Lakes in Twin Falls and get out and relieve yourself and you’ll go to jail.  Driving an empty road in the desert, you may realize you should’ve had a smaller glass of pop before leaving Jackson’s.  Since you can see out across the horizon anything moving from miles away, it’s a safe place to relax.  The foxes, coyotes and sage grouse go to the bathroom in the same way.  Is it considered disrespectful to water a neighboring county?  I’m 55-years-old.  There are worse things that can happen.

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