Make this a year of reading.

The Gooding and Jerome public libraries are participating in an extreme reader challenge for 2018 called “50 Books in 50 Weeks.”

Aim of the program is to get more people reading, said Gooding Library Director Cindy Bigler.

According to the Jerome library, adults choose one book to read in each of 50 categories. Some of the categories include a book with a color in the title, an author’s debut novel, a book that became a movie, a book about a natural disaster, and a book from a banned booklist, among others.

Teens can participate too by reading 25 books in 50 weeks, Bigler said.

The program goes from Jan. 15 through Dec. 31.

Having trouble finding a good book to read? Just ask a librarian for some help. Contact the Gooding Public Library at 208-934-4089 and the Jerome Public Library at 208-324-5427.

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