It is the final day of the first month of 2019 - that means the trial month on your new year resolution is coming to an end and starting tomorrow things get real. So, if you have a resolution to eat better I blame you for the results of a new study. Holidays and sporting events are the times when we get to eat the unhealthy foods we would normally skip and justify it with a valid excuse. So why in the world are Idahoans looking for salad ideas to serve at Superbowl parties?! That's what the Delish people found using Google data.

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You should be looking up recipes for deep fried foods, chicken wings, or queso dips. Nobody wants to show up to a football party with a table full of salads. OK, maybe some people do want that (my wife included) but that isn't a Superbowl spread. You need the unhealthy options so you feel better when someone does bring a salad. That way you eat those delicious cookies and then make yourself feel better with a bite of lettuce.

That means you need to get in touch with everyone at your Superbowl party before the game and figure out who will bring the bag of greens so the rest can bring the good stuff.

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