Someone should really tell the IRS about this.  Apparently, some shmucks owe approximately $5.4 million in back taxes according to this article from Fox NewsBut, hey, the delinquency rate for all federal workers is 3.2%, while the IRS is only 2.6%.  Way to go??

I know this is totally far-fetched, but what if we had a system in the United States that monitored people's integrity when it comes to taxes?

Some kind of, I don't know, federal agency that handles revenue matters.  Maybe a service of some kind.  Not an external one... maybe just... some... kind of... meh, nevermind.  Probably wouldn't work.

It would probably just end up favoring those who can afford to hire people who know about all the tax loopholes, while punishing the middle class for missing tax deadlines, and charging them ungodly amounts of interest and mental anguish over disappointing Uncle Sam.

Psshh... I could even envision such an agency having employees who, themselves, aren't paying taxes, causing millions of Americans to burn with fiery purple rage over the hypocrisy and sheer cajones it takes for an Agency Employee not to do the very thing the Agency was created to monitor.

But it's just a fantasy.

[Article credits: Fox News; Bloomberg]

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