There is no doubt that Idaho is one of the best places to live but what if you don't want to live somewhere that some would call "snobby"? Where do you go?

A new study reveals which city is the snobbiest in Idaho

If your city happens to be number one, don't come after us! The study was put together by and they compiled a list of metrics to determine the snobbiest cities.

One of the requirements to make this list is that the city has to have a population of at least 5,000. In addition to that, they included three other metrics that include: median home price, median household income, and the percentage of the population that has a college education.

RoadSnacks says that the higher any of those numbers are, the more snobby the city is.

Is that a fair metric?

We'll be honest - we don't think it's entirely fair to say that someone is "snobby" just because they worked hard, pursued an education, and made enough money to afford a nice home.

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We feel that entitled (or "snobby") people can come in all incomes and educations... right? How many times have you worked with someone who feels like they're above everyone else? Some might call that snobby!

Let's take a look at the snobbiest cities in all of Idaho according to

The Top 10 Snobbiest Cities in Idaho Might Surprise You

A study from RoadSnacks revealed the snobbiest cities in Idaho... do you agree with number one?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Fun fact: one of the top ten most expensive cities in the entire country is right here in Idaho.

10 Most Expensive Towns in America Include Idaho Town.

The home value-to-income ratio was calculated for each town and metro by dividing an area’s median home value by its median household income. The larger the ratio, the more expensive homes are relative to an area’s median income.

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

Should Idaho counties be considered "snobby" because of how expensive their homes are?

Let's take a look at the top ten counties in Idaho with the most expensive homes.

These 10 Idaho Counties Have the Most Expensive Home Prices (Sept 2023)

Based on the most up-to-date statistics from, these 10 counties have the highest median home prices. Scroll through to see how much they cost and what the largest and/or most expensive home on the market in that county looks like. (Data is up to date as of September 25, 2023.)

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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