Blinded by the Sunlight

It's not something most drivers think about until they're dealing with it, but sun glare can be extremely hazardous on Idaho roads. In the squint of an eye, sun glare can obstruct a driver's vision and potentially lead to a serious accident.  

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), sun glare is responsible for about 9,000 car accidents each year. But because most drivers don't list sun glare as the cause of an accident on an insurance claim, AAA data says NHTSA's number is an underestimate.

Who's Fault is It: yours or the sun's?

In short, it's your fault. To date, no law excuses a driver from liability in accidents caused by sun glare in Idaho (or anywhere else for that matter).

According to, regardless of weather conditions, drivers are expected to exercise due diligence and caution when they're behind the wheel. Even if a driver can prove sun glare played a significant role in their car accident, they'll still be held liable. 

That makes sense to us. If you're driving during daylight hours, you should probably anticipate a little sun glare. Right? We think so.

But it doesn't end at being blinded by B.O.B. Drivers that are distracted by conditions caused by rain, snow, or fog are also held liable in auto wrecks. In the end, all drivers are expected to adapt their driving behaviors and styles to prevailing weather conditions.

Take Steps to Minimize Sun Glare Before You Drive

According to the NHTSA, all drivers should take precautions to minimize the impact of sun glare before they start their drive.

Interstate I-70 that runs eastbound from Empire to Idaho Springs is a perfect example. Colorado and Idaho State Police both encourage drivers to wear sunglasses, use their visors, and make sure their windshield remains free of debris. Last winter, authorities were forced to closed that stretch of road due to excess sun glare. 

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