Some people were brokenhearted when a moose tumbled to its death in Twin Falls.  It had been wandering in streets near Costco, after emerging from the Snake River Canyon.  Worried about a moose in morning commuter traffic, Idaho Fish and Game darted the animal.  It took off down a canyon road, fell over a ledge, and died.  The cow wasn’t salvaged for meat because the tranquilizer is related to fentanyl and the dose would kill a human being.

Moose aren’t lovely.  They’re known for being irascible.  People have been killed after encountering moose.  The massive animals knock people down and stomp on them.  It’s like being run over by a light pickup truck.

A moose doesn’t mean well.  Not in my view.

Credit Bill Colley.
Credit Bill Colley.

Let me make a comparison.   A once-feral cat lives at our radio stations.  She used to run at the approach of people.  Then I was feeding her one day five years ago and she began rubbing against my legs.   Within weeks she was grabbing me around the ankles.  Now when I sit down outside, she comes up to me and head-butts me. Then she rolls around and holds my hands.  Her head butts aren’t nearly as bad as what you would get from a moose.

When it comes to large wild animals, there’s no taming them. A guy who raised a baby hippo in South Africa was later mauled when it grew into an adult.

I tend to agree with comedian Brad Stine.  You can watch his comments about wild animals below.

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