Have you ever wondered what makes Idaho roads so shiny?

Idaho's reflective road paint is made up of an array of reflective micro-glass spheres infused with an acrylic binder. Double Helix Magazine says these micro-glass spheres are like tiny disco balls used in paint formulations to enhance road visibility.

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During the day, the paint reflects light, making it more visible to drivers and pedestrians. At night, the micro-glass spheres light up when car headlights or streetlights shine on them, providing an additional source of illumination.

Why do Idaho roads need reflective paint?

The primary function of reflective paint is to increase road visibility, making it easier for Idaho drivers to navigate through darkness or poor visibility conditions like fog, rain, or snowfall.

This significantly reduces the number of accidents caused by low visibility and helps save lives. Reflective paint is also longer-lasting than non-reflective formulas, making it more affordable and better for the environment by reducing the need to replace the paint regularly.

So, what makes it harder to see Idaho roads in the winter months?

While reflective paint is efficient in improving road visibility, according to KTVB, it's less effective during the winter months.

During snowfall and times when Idaho roads are covered in salt or slicked over with ice, reflective paint becomes less obvious, making it harder to see at night. This is why it's essential to keep roads clear during Idaho's frosty months.

What do you do when you can't see the lines on Idaho roads?

Despite Idaho Department of Transportation's diligent use of reflective paint across freeways, highways, and surface streets, keeping reflective painted lane lines remains a challenge during the winter months.

To stay safe, it's important to reduce your speed during undesirable road conditions. Sticking to the basics like hugging the center lane, using your GPS to guide you, and increasing the following distance between you and the cars around you can help you remain in control of your car or truck.

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