Wrong house, wrong state, home intruder.

Imagine it's the dead of night. Your house is dark and still as your family's fast asleep. Everything is as it should be, until suddenly, it isn't. Then, boom! An uninvited guest bursts through the front door.

You have no clue what they're up to or what they're capable of.

Are they there to hurt your family? Maybe they're embolden thieves prepared to walk off with your flat screen tv or other valuables. Whatever their motive, there's no time to figure it out when you have a spouse and children to safeguard.

You reach for your firearm and zero in on the intruder. It took you all of two rounds to neutralize the threat facing you and your family. If you're an Idahoan, the Stand Your Ground Law is on your side more often than not.

Does Idaho's Stand Your Ground law apply to your workplace/office?

Are Idahoans as free to forcefully defend ourselves outside of our homes? What about our workplaces? Ourselves and innocent bystanders at public events and gatherings?

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As recently as 2017, no. But in 2018, the self-defense laws in Idaho and 22 more states expanded their definition of of justifiable homicide to include the defense of their workplace (and unoccupied vehicle).

Today, Chapter 2, Prevention of Public Defense, in the Idaho State Legislature, entitles an Idahoan to defend himself/herself as well as their family by any means necessary in the face of imminent danger, robbery, rape, murder, etc., at home and in their workplace:

The defense of self or of another does not require a person to wait until he or she ascertains whether the danger is apparent or real. A person confronted with such danger has a clear right to act upon appearances such as would influence the action of a reasonable person.
In the exercise of the right of self-defense or defense of another, a person need not retreat from any place that person has a right to be. A person may stand his ground and defend himself or another person by the use of all force and means which would appear to be necessary to a reasonable person in a similar situation and with similar knowledge without the benefit of hindsight.

Idaho is undeniably pro-Second Amendment. Our gun laws are the envy of many responsible firearm owners around the nation. Even still, Idahoans are not above reproach if they misuse or abuse or their firearm. Before you carry your firearm into any institution, it's important to educate yourself and know your legal rights and limits.

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