The nationwide ban on incandescent light bulbs that went into effect earlier this week is still the talk of the town. As with most change, Boise's reactions were a mixed bag of concern and surprise.

Responding to Idahoans Use It Everyday, But Starting August 1st It's Banned, one Boise man emailed us with his concern:

My concern with the bulb switch is, yes, it will cut on energy use, but will the power companies raise the rates to cover the loss due to less power usage? Thank you.


Good question, Mitch. While we wait to hear back from Idaho Power, we'll share our concern with the bulb ban.

What About Scentsy?!

It wasn't until the ban took effect that we realized all of our Scentsy warmers use incandescent bulbs! Our thoughts raced! Would we have to get ride of our warmers? Could this tank the Scentsy empire? In short, no and no. Phew! Independent Scentsy consultant and blogger Tiffany Gabel assures us there's nothing to worry about:

I can assure you that this will have no effect on your Scentsy Candle warmers because our candle warmers use a 15watt bulb for the plug-in warmers, a 20watt bulb for our Mid-Size Warmers, and a 25watt bulb for our Full-Size warmers.  Specialty light bulbs (including appliance type bulbs) are not subject to this phase-out.

Fabulous. This news has us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Sort of like we should celebrate Scentsy's survival of the Great Bulb Ban of 2023 with a new warmer, right? Right! If you second that emotion, keep scrolling for an Idaho-inspired gallery of gorgeous warmers.

Interested in the consequences of violating Uncle Sam's bulb ban? We get into them after the warmer pics!

12 Dazzling Scentsy Warmers That Look & Feel Like Idaho

Now that we know our sacred Scentsy warmers are safe from the incandescent light bulb ban, we feel like treating ourselves to a new one. Care to join us? We found 12 Idaho-esque Scentsy warmers that look and feel like our gorgeous Gem State in the gallery below!

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

The Great Bulb Band of 2023: the most unsurprising surprise...ever

Scentsy's safe: got it! Now, onto the most unsurprising surprise of 2023.

The day the ban rolled out, ABC7 reported the original ruling was issued under the Obama administration back in 2007. Before it could take off, however, Trump's team rolled it back until the ruling started ridin' with Biden in 2022. Then, for good measure, the Department of Energy reminded Americans and retailers one more time about the ban back in January. If you do the math, Americans have had three presidents, 16 years, and a final heads-up from Big Brother to adapt to the switch.

Does Big Brother Want Our Bulbs?

Now that Aug. 1 has come and gone, the selling and manufacturing of incandescent light bulbs is banned in Idaho and across the nation. According to The Hill, the government is prepared to crack down on businesses and corporations who violate the ban:

With full enforcement now taking effect, distributors and retailers could have to pay up to $542 per violation — which could add up if large quantities of bulbs are being sold. -The Hill


Alrighty then...we know Uncle Sam's ready to hold the suits accountable, but what about us? Good news, friends: the government has no zero interest in tending to our bulbs. Private citizens are free to use their supply until it runs out!

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