A witness told me there were massive tracks and he guessed the attackers were wolves.  This happened at the Chuck Baldwin farm near Fairfield.  Many of his goats were mauled and killed.  Idaho Fish and Game says it’s now a USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).  The agency has now posted signs warning the public that animal traps have been set up in the area.

Can They Be Captured?

USDA is the lead agency, but Idaho Fish and Game confirms there is a wolf pack in the area.  That isn’t to say I have confirmation the attack was committed by wolves, but a friend who witnessed the tracks called The Paws Large and explained wolves is his understanding.

He also told me agents from the federal government have been keeping an eye on the area even after darkness with night vision goggles.

Some Side With the Wolves

Meanwhile, all of this transpires as animal rights activists are taking legal action to protect the carnivores.  You can read more by clicking this link.  The activists claim the wolves remain endangered, even though much of what we have in Idaho are animals imported from Canada.

One might argue that after decades without the hungry animals, the ecosystem adjusted, and that now wolves could be considered an invasive species.

The efforts to protect the wolves are no consolation for Mr. Baldwin.  A farm is a business and often runs on thin margins.  Wild creatures gobbling your livestock endangers his ability to feed his own family.

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