When it comes to vacations, everyone has a different idea of what is "ideal".  For some, a vacation means being parked next to a pool of an all-inclusive resort where you hardly lift a finger.  For others, it may be strapping on a backpack and walking until you're lost in a foreign city and staying overnight at a hostel.

Understanding that vacations are themselves, only vacations to the eye of the beholder, we recently learned of a unique escape that even the most opposite of preferences could probably agree upon.

We would be hard pressed to find someone that doesn't love a breathtaking night sky--and we found an 'outdoors meets boujee' kind of vacation that offers one of the best views of the sky in the world. It just so happens that it isn't all too far away from Idaho.

Intrigued by this one of a kind getaway? Learn more, below!

A Look At America's Best Stargazing Resort

Imagine being away from it all -- no man-made light -- just you under the stars in a glass dome!

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

One thing is for sure--this stay would be one of the most unique and stunning that you could book! 

It's called the 'Clear Sky Resort' and it's located in Bryce Canyon National Park, in Utah. Driving? It's about 8-hours and flying, it's even shorter with a rental car.

The one of a kind domes over a luxury overnight stay under the stars and surrounded by amazing daytime views, as well. The domes are all glass, offering you a totally unique view of the sky above and all of your surroundings. There are only a few, so you don't need to worry about being neighbored-up next to strangers. Privacy curtains are also in place--incase you need a break from the glass.

Interested in booking your stay, learn more about the 'resort' and book, HERE.

Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve

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