If you're new to snow sports and looking to get into skiing or snowboarding, the cost can be intimidating. Snow sports can be a major investment, so before you go shelling out your hard earned cash on gear and lift tickets, you might want to spend a day taking lessons at a nearby resort and get familiar with the sport.

Pomerelle Mountain Resort

Just about an hour and a half from Twin Falls, Pomerelle offers group lessons for $55, or you can opt for a group lesson that includes equipment rental for $75. Private lessons for all ages start at $80, and you can save some money by booking small group private lessons for 2-3 people as long as the skiers are of the same ability.

Soldier Mountain Ski Resort

Soldier Mountain is also about an hour and a half from Twin and is a great place for lessons. Crowds can vary depending on the day and time of year, but it's generally not overly crowded. Soldier provides all-ages group ski or snowboard lessons at $59, and private lessons for ski and snowboarding range from $50 to $125 depending on age.


Magic Mountain Ski Resort

It may be small, but Magic Mountain has everything the larger resorts have to offer and is usually less expensive. Located just an hour away from Twin Falls, you'll save on gas as well as lift tickets and lessons. Lesson time and price vary, so it's best to contact Magic to book your lessons and ask about pricing.

Pro Tip: Magic probably has the coolest tubing hill close to Twin Falls.

No matter which resort you choose, you'll be able to get some quality ski or snowboard lessons at an affordable price. The cost of snow sports doesn't have to deter you - take a lesson and get comfortable on the slopes before making a big investment.

One more thing worth noting is that 'budget friendly' can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Inflation is wild right now and it's totally understandable if you find them pricy. While you may not personally consider these as budget-friendly, they are a great place to start and are considerably less than resorts you'll find in the Ketchum or Boise areas.

Did we leave anyone out?

If you know of a great ski resort close to Twin Falls for taking lessons, be sure to email the author of this post and we'll get it added to our list as soon as possible.

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