This is a great shot of a pair of moose wandering in the newly fallen snow in the South Hills.  It’s from a series of pictures taken by a Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Deputy.  If you’re going up into the hills and mountains, don’t be like a Yellowstone tourist.  Maintain a safe distance.  Terry Thompson, regional spokesman for Idaho Fish and Game has a rule.  If you cause the animal to move, you’re too close.  He’s a wildlife photographer and would recommend binoculars and perhaps a zoom lens if you want to get a better look at moose or any other animals.

But here’s another question I may have for Fish and Game the next time Terry is a guest on Magic Valley this morning.  What if the moose gets close to you?  A friend shared a Facebook post from a ski resort near Spokane.  It shows a pair of moose bounding near a run.

Skiing is a positive recreational activity, but not if you come across moose, elk, or bears.  If you’re accomplished on skis, I suppose you can outrun the animals.  However, a fully grown grizzly can reach speeds of 30 miles per hour on level ground.  I suspect the speed can increase if the bear is racing downhill.  You may also have a hard time looking for your spray when in your full gear.

If you have any answers, please share them with me at  Additionally, if you have a question or comment for Terry Thompson, he’s a regular radio guest.  He appears on the first and third Thursday of every month between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m.

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