Not all museums require respectful quiet contemplation and calm introspection. Standing and looking at dinosaur fossils or artwork is fine, but not all that interactive. Barring an opportunity for DNA splicing, people just walk around and look at stuff. It’s often a boring place for children to go on field trips during school.

Museums are meant to inspire people to see the world as it was, is, and could be. Information and innovation are key to keeping patrons returning to museums time after time. Sometimes, people don’t have to go to the museum. Believe it or not, sometimes the museums travel to where the people are.

Where to Go for Children's Museum of the Magic Valley Summer Fun

Enter the Children’s Museum of the Magic Valley. CMMV is ready to inspire children on a joy of learning journey. There are events scheduled throughout July and August to keep kids thinking and having fun at the same time.

July will have plenty of opportunities for activity for kids at Summer Lunch programs on the 13th and 24th. The Filer Library will get a visit as well as the 2nd Market South Yard doing hands-on STEAM exhibits. August has a special visit at the Herrett Center and then it’s to Filer for the last hurrah before kids go back to school.

If you aren’t in Twin Falls or Filer, don’t despair. There are events in June at Raft River Elementary, Wendell Library, and Hagerman City Park. In July, there are events at Libraries in Oakley, Shoshone, Hagerman, and Wendell. There are also stops in ICCU Park in Jerome. August has events in Richfield Park and Burley Library to finalize the summer in style.

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There are plans in the works to have a permanent home for the Children’s Museum of the Magic Valley. With the help of community donors and investors, a 14,00 square foot building is in the Magic Valley’s future.

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