You know those guys who walk the streets and talk to themselves? They may be the only people left in Idaho who’ll vote for Joe Biden, and they generally don’t vote.  I imagine some fellow travelers will secretly cast a vote for Donald Trump.  Not all of your granola-chomping lefties drive a Tesla.  The drive may be a stretch, a neighbor drives one and I’ve been behind her on some streets.  She’s a menace behind the wheel (women a menace while driving?  It must be a joke!)

A lot of liberals with the old Bernie bumper stickers own SUVs.  For taking a gaggle of kids to the soccer field.  They buy gas, too.  And groceries and struggle with housing costs.  It wasn’t so much the case for years ago.

Things could get worse for old wheezing Joe.  A big shooting war between the mad mullahs in Iran and Israel could send oil prices through the roof.  You can claim he would have no control, but Trump had no control over a virus.  When he tried slowing down Asian travel, liberals screamed racism.

As I’ve said before, Biden has been telling domestic oil producers he’s going to put them out of business.  So, they invest less.  He’s hamstrung the permitting process on public lands and drained the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which means if we lose Middle East oil, we can’t replace the volume.

Oh, and I heard from an intelligence analyst over the weekend that hundreds (if not more) of Iranian agents have crossed our porous borders and now await orders for sabotage.

I’m not saying Idaho Democrats are dumber than boxes of rocks.  It could hurt the feelings of the stones.

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