Update: Slices Gourmet Cheesecake is now officially open, as of early October delivering freshly baked cheesecakes to the greater Twin Falls area.

Slices Gourmet Cheesecake
Slices Gourmet Cheesecake

Slices Gourmet Cheesecakes: New… but also not so new:

While the Slices commercial bakery will be new, Slices Gourmet Cheesecake isn’t exactly new to the Twin Falls area. Slices has been serving delicious cheesecakes in the Magic Valley since 2020. 

Slices began as a by-the-slice cheesecake delivery service in 2020. Owner and operator Chris Ayers tells us that the business started as a way to stay connected to his community during the pandemic, and he’s been serving up cheesecake by the slice ever since. With exponential growth over the last several years, Slices is now offically operating a commercial bakery as the next evolution of the current model.

Slices Gourmet Cheesecake - Facebook
Slices Gourmet Cheesecake - Facebook

What Slices in Filer, Idaho offers:

Slices Gourmet Cheesecake is baking and selling daily cakes and custom orders on its website.

Cheesecake by the slice: You can visit the Slices website and see the weekly flavors that are available and order your slices or entire cakes in advance. 

Custom orders: You can order custom cakes for pickup at the Filer bakery. There are currently 26 flavors to choose from with six to eight more in the pipeline.

In-store inventory: Slices doesn't currently support in-store inventory, at least not yet. Bakery owner, Chris Ayers said this may change in the future, but they currently don’t have the bandwidth to support a storefront/cafe experience. All slices and cakes need to be ordered in advance on the Slices website. 

Event Orders: Slices will take custom orders for events and weddings. You can contact Slices on their website to inquire about prices and availability of large, custom orders. 

Slices Gourmet Cheesecakes: When and where?  

Slices Gourmet Cheesecake is now opering its commerical kithcen at 310 Main Street, Suite 4, in Filer Idaho

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