Nearly everyone reads some sort of news every day. It is likely a part of your routine to check the same sites every day and scroll through to see what is in the news or being talked about either in sports, politics, national news, and likely local news. There are many different sources to use to get your information and all of them offer something a little bit different. If you are from someplace else, you may still enjoy checking on the news back home. There is one state that many have moved from to Idaho over the last few years, and their news has begun to make its way onto Idaho news sites, and it needs to end now.

California News Taking Over Idaho

Credit: Tero Vesalainen
Credit: Tero Vesalainen

Over the last few years more and more California news has been appearing in Idaho, but since the turn of the calendar, it seems like it has become even worse. With so many Californians moving to Idaho, it shouldn't come as a surprise, but do Idahoans want to hear about news from California? In short answer, no. Most that are born and raised in the Gem State don't want to hear what is going on in the state out west, but with so many Californians living here, it makes sense for news outlets to sprinkle some west coast news in from time to time. The problem is, that they have begun to take over and seem to be dominating news outlets more and more these days. 

California News Stories in Idaho

Credit: allanswart
Credit: allanswart

More and more news outlets are pushing California stories on the airwaves, and their sites, and this site isn't immune to it either. For example, a story about stores closing in California was posted, about the top nude beaches in California, or pulling kids from public schools. Even a story was posted about two Walmart stores closing in California. In Idaho, why do we care about this? These are only a few examples, but it does raise the question, do the people of Idaho care? Missing children, no matter where they are, is usually a topic that most care about, but should we care about nude beaches in California? These are only some examples, but what about a story about stores in California, a car crash, or a murder? It isn't anywhere near here, so why is it in our news?

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The trend is showing that more and more California news will be flooding our news sites and outlets going forward, and it is due to the high population of them moving to Idaho. As long as they keep moving into the Gem State, the news stories about California will only increase. If you don't enjoy them, it might be tough to check the news, but if you are from there, you can keep up with what is happening back home with your news in Idaho.

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