Tobin Bolter was a patriot.  He had plans to put up a flag pole outside his home.  He had relocated to Idaho from California, where he had served as a police officer and was known for his Christian faith.  He was killed by an angry man with a lengthy criminal history.  Last Saturday in Ada County, while on patrol as an Ada County Deputy.  He was 27-years-old.  The man suspected of killing the young man later died after being shot during a standoff with law enforcement.

Bolter left behind a now widowed and expecting wife.  She would like to honor her late husband and plant the flagpole at the couple’s home.  Right now, she’s struggling with other expenses and the weight of her loss.

Sergeant Ken Mencl with the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office is raising funds to purchase the flagpole.  He posted about his effort on his personal Facebook page.  You can see the link by clicking here.

You can contribute to this monument in memory of a man who gave his life in public service.  Sergeant Mencl asks that if you have questions you can instant message him at his personal Facebook page.

You may be a friend of law enforcement or a critic, but let me pose one question.  Could you pull over another driver and approach the stopped vehicle late at night or in the early morning darkness?  This is what patrol is about.  It requires a well of courage many of us could never summon.  Never forget.

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