Spending time with friends for the holidays is by choice. Friends are people we have chosen to associate with and we want them in our lives. Family time is another matter.

How Do People Spend Holiday Time With Family?

Before becoming an adult, the holidays were filled with sleeping for as long as we wanted because there was no school, playing endless games outside in the snow, countless hours battling siblings and visiting cousins in video game marathons, and board game wars.

Once adulthood has been achieved, spending time with family is an entirely different kind of experience. Putting together a plan of how to entertain all the kids, keep the adults sane, and be sensitive to everyone’s ‘special needs’ can be exhausting. It’s no wonder some people dread the holidays.

But how much time do you spend with your family doing festive things for the holidays? How many hours are spent looking for the perfect Christmas tree, decorating the tree, browsing at Christmas craft fairs, or going caroling?

How Long Do People Spend With Family During the Holiday?

These things are not all in one sitting, of course. The average person can spend almost 4 hours (3 hours and 54 minutes) before they need a break. But total festivity time is broken up over days and sometimes weeks.

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Well, Idaho will be spending an average of 11 hours and 20 minutes doing family festive things. If you’re feeling like a bit of a Scrooge because you know there is no way this is how much you’ve spent thus far, there are a few options to get you to match the survey numbers.

Consider letting the smallest child or grandchild help pass out gifts from under the tree and open everything one at a time. Have a Christmas movie marathon. That can take up to 4-5 hours off that festivity stopwatch total. Baking Christmas cookies counts, and that can take quite a bit of time off the clock if you include decorating them. Don’t forget to go on a drive to look at Christmas lights. A drive through town to look at festive homes can be a chance to listen to music and sip on cocoa in the car.

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Just be glad you don't live in Vermont. You'd be worried about filling 15 hours and 36 minutes. If you want to cool your heels on keeping up, try Hawaii with  5 hours and 26 minutes of festive family time.

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