Having more eating options in town is always good, and when a sign goes up, the excitement begins, and patience is tested until the new place opens. Last year, it was revealed that Wing Stop would be coming to Twin Falls, but over the last few months, there have been no updates. There is finally an update on when the new restaurant will open and it will have many excited, and some a little disappointed that it isn't today.

When is Wing Stop in Twin Falls Opening?

Credit: Wing Stop
Credit: Wing Stop

It was announced late last year that Wing Stop would be coming to Twin Falls. The building has been up for months, and the signage has been up, but there has been no update since the year turned to 2024. The building continues to be worked on, and the last update was that the restaurant would be opening in the spring of 2024. The calendar has now turned to April, spring officially began a couple of weeks ago, yet the restaurant still doesn't look close to opening. I recently reached out to the company, and they have confirmed an expected opening date, which is a tad later than most had hoped but is close enough to begin getting excited. If everything goes according to plan, the expected date is that Wing Stop will open in Twin Falls on June 24. 

About Wing Stop in Twin Falls

Credit: Wing Stop
Credit: Wing Stop

Once Wing Stop is open, they will offer something that not many places in Twin Falls can. They have boneless and classic wings, with a variety of sauces to choose from, chicken sandwiches, and chicken tenders. Of their many sauces, some of them include mango habanero, lemon pepper, garlic parmesan, and original hot, along with others. 

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There is now a finish line to look towards, and while it is still two and half months away, it will be here before you know it. It has been a long wait, but it is almost over and will be worth it. Hopefully, there are no issues, and the date of June 24 stays as the opening date. We will update you as we get closer.

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