The pandemic is a nasty word that nobody likes hearing or using anymore. It is a time that the world shut down, and most would like to forget. It changed the way businesses are run, it changed a lot of lives financially, and the effects are still being felt years later. Companies are letting employees go and closing locations nationwide, and much of it is due to the effects of the pandemic in 2020. While there were some positive changes to come out of it, most agree that the negative effects far outweigh the positives. One thing that was affected by the world shutting down was how kids received their education during that time. Now that some time has passed, and things have returned to normal, are kids suffering from what happened a few years ago, or are there no side effects?

Pandemic Effects on Education

Credit: monkeybusinessimages
Credit: monkeybusinessimages

A recent study by showed that reading scores are down for students in the 4th and 8th grades from 2019 compared to 2022. The study surveyed over 800 parents about their children's education, and one in three expressed concern that the pandemic had, and still has, a negative effect on their child, both socially and academically. Parents presented three solutions to help solve the issues their children are having and they are after-school tutoring, more school days, or year-round school. 

Students Suffering From Pandemic

Credit: CDC on Unsplash
Credit: CDC on Unsplash

The top three subjects that students are struggling with are, math at number one, reading at number two, and English at number three. Idaho is among the states that have seen the biggest drop in reading scores since the shutdown a few years ago. This has led to issues on how to help children learn to read, so they don't fall behind. Learning disabilities such as dyslexia and ADHD can play a factor in this. The time away from class without hands-on teaching in a classroom has had a trickle effect, and it is beginning to show. 

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Is the pandemic the only reason for these lower scores? The answer is no, but it is likely playing a factor. Many of these kids fell behind during the shutdown and have been trying to catch up ever since. Not every parent can help their child with their education, but if you can, make time to help them work on their reading, their math, and whatever subjects they are struggling with. A little work at home can go a long way. For more on the study, make sure to click the link above. 

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