The term hero can often be thrown around loosely, and how you define a hero can be subjective. Some view a hero as those who fight for our country, which they are. Those are not the only types of heroes in the world. First responders would fall in this category, but what about someone like a teacher, a volunteer, or someone who donates their money to charity? Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, but some unsung heroes live their lives every day in the Magic Valley that go unrecognized, and that are dealing with far more than you know.

Unsung Heroes in the Magic Valley

Credit: Comstock
Credit: Comstock

Some unsung heroes may not even consider themselves heroes, because it is a part of their everyday lives. This past week, one of my children has been in the hospital and my wife has been by his side through it all. It has left me with our other children, having to do everything at home, while working. Having to live the life of a single parent for a few days, made me realize how tough single parents have it, and how much they deal with daily. It is a tough life, that allows little to no time to yourself, but somehow these parents make it work and are still getting everything done that they need to. These are the true heroes of the Magic Valley every day. 

Single Parents in the Magic Valley

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Being a single parent is tough. From the moment you wake up, you don't have time to yourself. You have to wake your children up, get them fed, dressed, and get them out the door. From there you drop them off, go to work, and then come home to pick them up, feed them dinner, get them ready for bed, and prepare for the next day. There is no break, no free time, and no help. It can be tough, but many do it every day, and they never complain, because it is their daily routine. While married couples can use each other to help divide tasks around the house, single parents have to do all these things for the kids while also cleaning the house, doing the dishes, taking out the trash, cooking, and keeping up with their jobs. It is exhausting, yet they do it. 

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The next time you see a single parent out in public, make sure to shake their hand or tell them that they are doing a good job. Unless you have had to do it for a bit, you don't realize how hard it is and how draining it is. These people are raising a child on their own, and that is no easy task. Good job single parents, you are doing awesome.

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