Living in Idaho we are all used to wildlife. It isn't uncommon to see a wild animal in your backyard, your front yard, or on your way to work. Typically these animals consist of smaller creatures like squirrels, maybe a raccoon or an opossum, or even a little bit bigger animal like a coyote. The occasional Moose or deer will make its way into town from time to time, but overall interactions with the wildlife occur out of town. On these rare occasions that something bigger makes its way into town, knowing how to react in the moment is crucial, but in fear, common sense can go out the window. A video recently caught a child playing on his scooter when a bear approached him, and what happened next has caught national attention.

7-Year-Old Boy and Bear Come Face-to-Face on Video

In a terrifying moment in British Columbia, Canada, a 7-year-old boy was riding his scooter when a big black bear approached him. The child stopped and stared down the bear, not moving an inch. Luckily, the bear stopped and stared back, before a neighbor came out and made himself big, and scared the bear away. For any parent, this is terrifying to think of your child coming face-to-face with a bear that size, but the way the child reacted was brilliant, and exactly what someone should do in this situation. How would you react in this situation, and would you be brave like the neighbor who came to help? Watch the video above to see exactly how it played out. 

Facing Off With a Bear in Idaho

Credit: mana5280 on Unsplash
Credit: mana5280 on Unsplash

How should one handle if this happens to them? Being approached by a bear in Idaho is not common, but does happen a few times a year. Would you stay calm like this child did? Many of us would run, scream, or make a scene, which is not the best decision. This child did well to remain calm, but the neighbor having the courage to come help took guts as well. Not many would leave their safety to come towards a wild bear, but he made himself big, walked slow, and stayed calm to get the bear to run and hide, before running away. This is the best thing to do in this situation, but would you have left your safety for this child, or stayed and watched, knowing it isn't coming after you? The good news is that everyone is safe, but what could have been is terrifying. 

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Most of us hope and assume we will never be in this situation, but I am sure this child and neighbor expected the same thing, and look at what happened. If you find yourself facing off against a bear, make sure to do as they did and learn from this video. These clips are jaw-dropping to watch, but as long as they have outcomes like these, then they are enjoyable to an extent. Be careful and act calm and smart if you ever come into contact with a bear in Idaho.

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