Driving around with kids can be an adventure. Your once-clean car turns into a laundry basket, a pantry, a trash can, and a closet all in one. The days of peace are in the past, unless you are lucky enough to have your little ones take a nap while you are behind the wheel. Eventually, these kids in the backseat begin to grow, and they upgrade in how they are buckled into their seats. As they grow, the seats change, or go away altogether, but when is the right time to let them sit without any kind of booster seat and perhaps even join you in the front seat?

Car Seat Laws in Idaho

Credit: MementoImage
Credit: MementoImage

At a certain point, as hard as parents try to avoid it, their children will outgrow their car seats, but when can you legally let them be booster seat-free and when can they begin riding upfront, without you worrying about a ticket? According to sargentlawfirm.com, car seats are required by law in Idaho, up until 7 years old. You can continue to have them in a booster seat, but legally they are no longer required to have one. It is up to the parents what they are comfortable with and how cautious and safe they want to be. A child 2 years and younger must be in a rear-facing car seat, with 2 to 4-year-olds being able to have a front-facing seat, and children 4 to 7 having a booster seat. Click the link to see the full law on car seats. 

Can Kids Legally Ride in the Front Seat?

Credit: Image Source
Credit: Image Source

What is the Idaho law when it comes to riding in the front seat? Technically, there is no law stating a certain age to ride in the front, but if you click on the link above and read the car seat laws, some of them state the child must be in the back seat. While there is no official law, saferideforkids.com recommends that children be 13 years old before sitting up front. Many parents do not abide by this rule, especially during school pick-ups and drop-offs, but according to Idaho law, they are not breaking any rules. The recommendation is there for safety, but it is up to the parents if they follow it. Keep in mind, that the back seat is safer for your child, airbags are designed for adults, and despite being a big kid, your child's, muscles and bones aren't as strong as an adult's. Click the link above for what is recommended for parents who are contemplating letting their child sit up front. 

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Just because something isn't a law doesn't mean you shouldn't still take precautions. As the site above mentions, it is best to keep your children in the backseat until they are big enough and old enough to sit up front. While 7 is the age you no longer legally have to keep your children in a car seat of sorts, if you are more comfortable with them in one until they are 8 and even 9, there is nothing wrong with that. Be safe, be smart, and take caution if in doubt.

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