You may recall the gaggle of galoots arrested for planning to disrupt an LGBTQ event in Coeur d’Alene.  It happened a few years ago.  The clowns were spotted loading themselves into the box of a moving truck.  Police stopped the vehicle, and they all got a trip to the lockup.

Liberal media denounced conservatives and Bible-believing Christians, calling us white nationalists, and blamed us for encouraging hate.  After all, there’s so much love for all of us in Boise newsrooms.

Now we have a story out of the same city, though it’s difficult to find that out until much later in a story from the Communist Broadcasting System or CBS.  There’s a mention that the alleged terrorist supported ISIS, but the story is a little vague on whether the young man converted to Islam.  It’s alluded to, but not very clear.

I gather that he didn’t intend to commit an act of love last Saturday.

I’m sure the editors at the Idaho Hatesman are currently scrambling to defend him as an oppressed victim.  They’ll be looking to see if he was denied any dirty books from the library, and then the paper can say he had no choice but to jump off a ledge or blow up Christians at worship.

Let’s make it clear, what he had planned was far more evil than the yokels stuffed into a van a few summers ago.

By the way, mainstream media ignored the story from Dearborn, Michigan last weekend.  Where a crowd of Muslims chanted Death to America.  More than 20 years later, one threat persists, no matter how much news media attempts to blur the truth.

The video contains foul language but is on the mark.

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