As a kid growing up in the 90s, the mall was the place to be on the weekends. School would get out on Friday afternoon, and that night it wasn't uncommon to see many of your classmates at the mall. There was a movie theater, arcades, stores with toys, and clothes, and a food court. It had everything a teenager needed to enjoy a Friday or Saturday night. Over the last decade or so, malls have become less and less occupied. Many stores that once had places you ran to, sat empty, the parking lot was no longer full, and the crowds were gone. Malls seem to be becoming a thing of the past, and that includes the Magic Valley Mall. It seemed to be falling into the trap of many malls across the country, where fewer and fewer people visited and stores were empty, but during the year, the mall added some new things, and it may be the place to start hanging out again in Twin Falls.

The Magic Valley Mall Changes this Year

Credit: Twin Falls Zoological Center
Credit: Twin Falls Zoological Center

The Magic Valley Mall has seen many stores come and go over the years, and while there are still a couple of vacant places, there have been some new additions throughout the year that have helped make the mall better. The biggest addition has to be the Twin Falls Zoo. Having a fish pond in the mall makes for a unique experience, but the sounds of the water, the sights of the fish, and the opportunity to explore the zoo have many families visiting the mall frequently, especially when the weather is cold outside. That wasn't all that was added though, as there are new shopping options, and eating options as well. 

New Stores and Eating Options in Magic Valley Mall

Credit: Baked N' Loaded Potato Co
Credit: Baked N' Loaded Potato Co

There are a few new shopping options in the Magic Valley Mall. If you haven't been in a bit, you may not be aware of some of these new additions. Recently, the mall welcomed Magic Rock City to the mall, and earlier this year Cotton On moved in as well. For the Holiday season, See's Candies is back, as well as Hickory Farms. Some new eating options have popped up this year, with Baked N Loaded Potato Co and My Ice Cream Roll moving into the food court. If you have a sweet tooth, Candy Shop is located outside of JC Penny inside the mall now. 

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The mall is continuing to expand and change, and with eating options like the ones above, and the new stores, it will continue to see more traffic, and hopefully become the place to be, like malls used to be back in the day. To find out more about stores available in the mall, make sure to click the link above, and make sure to stop by and check it out this holiday season. 

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