We are almost to the 6th month of the year in Idaho and I find myself wondering how many plates have been rejected so far. If previous years serve as an example, we haven’t learned a thing about personalized license plates and in a few months I'll have a new list of these to share.

Earlier this year, I was able to get the full list of rejected personalized license plate requests from 2023 from the Idaho DMV and there are some great ones (or terrible depending on how you look at it). But this time we got something special that we didn’t have in previous years. We also are going to include the reason the person thought the plate would be a good idea to ask for.

84 of the Worst and Funniest Idaho License Plate Rejections from 2023

The gallery of rejected plates this year is going to be huge, so fasten your seatbelts and grab a drink. There are 84 license plates in the gallery below, which is trimmed down from almost 400 included on the full list. We’ll get into why these were rejected later, but right now let’s get on the road and check out the pictures.

The Worst Idaho License Plate Rejections from 2023

You can get dinged on your submission form for a personalized license plate in Idaho for a lot of reasons. Most of these are obvious and others you may have to think about for a moment. If some of them don't make sense, then congrats on having a more pure mind than the rest of us.
That being said - DISCLAIMER - these plates were rejected for a reason. You may be offended by them and it isn't too late to turn back.

Gallery Credit: Credit N8

I love that you are asked for an explanation of the license plate when you submit for it and some people are straight-up honest about the meaning and others come up with ridiculous and elaborate (and clearly bogus) explanations.

Why Do License Plates Get Rejected in Idaho?

We have a full explanation of what the Idaho DMV deems unsuitable for a license plate on our story and gallery from another year. But basically, you can’t get a plate that could be offensive, vulgar, hateful, or profane. You have to save that stuff for your bumper stickers.

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Since you made it this far and clearly love hilariously rejected license plates, check out the gallery of the ones that got rejected in Utah.

30 Rejected Utah License Plates

I'm all for getting a personalized license plate. BUT - what were these people thinking?

Gallery Credit: Credit N8

LOOK: The Best of the Worst Idaho License Plate Rejections Last Year

DISCLAIMER: These license plates were rejected by the state for a reason. They were either deemed to be offensive, hateful, or vulgar. Some do incorporate the 'B' from the BSU plate to create the offensive phrase and only 1 that I could tell needs to be read backward.

Gallery Credit: Credit N8

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