Idaho just had 2 new reports of UFO sightings and there’s crazy video proof that something strange, and big, was flying over Southern Idaho.

Video: Was This Really a Huge UFO Flying Over Southern Idaho?

The video was posted on Facebook by Michael Murray back on August 19th and then more recently on the Idaho Weather Watchers page with more information about the sighting. Murray says that the long cigar-shaped light was definitely not Starlink satellites. The string of lights moved quickly through the sky and faded in and out. Watch the video below and check out what happens about a minute in when the string of lights disappears and the single light, or UFO, starts dancing around in the sky.

Was a UFO Really Spotted in Southern Idaho

The recent UFO sighting in Idaho was reported by at least 2 people to the International UFO Reporting Center where they say the sightings happened in Nampa. But Murray says it looked like they were a bit to the northwest around Weiser. They could be different sightings or the same sighting just different perspectives on where they happened. All three instances are in agreement though that it was a string of lights or a ribbon of lights. All the reports also state that the event happened during the 10 PM hour of September 19th, 2022.

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Do you think it was an alien UFO or something different and more explainable?

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