It's almost Halloween Idaho. In just a couple of nights, candy sacks will be filled and little ones in costumes will cross neighborhood streets holding hands with mom and dad. How would you rate your Halloween candy bowl for trick-or-treaters?

We've had our Halloween decorations scattered around the front yard for weeks already. We've been dancing in the living room to vintage spooky tunes from the forties and fifties since the calendar hit October 1. I'm ready to sugar up trick-or-treaters so they can go home and drive their parents absolutely crazy.

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Most Idahoans will be heading to the store in the coming days to stock up and candy for those tiny, dressed door knockers and bell buzzers. Make sure you grab some good stuff so you don't end up becoming known as the house to avoid on Halloween night unless, of course, that's your aim.

Our Halloween stockpile includes Cinnamon Bears, Dots, mini-Snickers and Milky Ways, Airheads, Tootsie Rolls, and more. I'm pretty confident our candy selection will get more cheers than jeers. There are some items you should avoid picking up for Halloween in Twin Falls, at least according to one popular website.

A Halloween poll from last year pinpointed the top three worst Halloween items to hand out. Coming in at number three with 13% of survey takers were apples, according to the survey. Are people really still giving out fruit? (What is this...1964?)

The second least favorite Halloween item (23%) named was raisins. I personally like raisins and think there are a lot worst things to give a child, but yea, most kids will toss an unopened box of raisins in your front yard or garbage.

Finally, drum roll. Don't hand out toothbrushes, please (47%). That's just uncool people. Let's at least give children one day out of the year when they don't need a reminder of the dentist.

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