I absolutely love seeing wildlife! It is one of the many reasons I enjoy hunting, hiking and camping. Not so much to hunt the animal but to see them and a variety of critters in their natural habitat. I find it fascinating. So when I saw this video of a moose along the trails in Pomerelle I had to watch it a dozen times or so.

I have never seen a moose this up close and personal before. The person taking the video I imagine was at a safe distance. Moose can be really mean and aggressive. This big guy looked like he was just having the time of his life.

The only time I have seen moose is in the South Hills area. I saw a couple mama moose and a couple calf moose. I went nowhere near them and watched from the safety of my vehicle. I saw another one bathing in a pond in the South Hills.

Maybe this guy isn't as big as I am imagining but I still wouldn't want to tangle with him. Just remember not to get too close to the wild life when you see it. Let it be because they will fight you and you will lose.

I think I might actually be more afraid of moose than I am bears. But that might also be because I have actually seen moose and not many bears.

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