BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Five Idaho lawmakers have asked House Speaker Scott Bedke to remove them from their committee assignments until Rep. Heather Scott is reassigned to her legislative panels. Republican Reps.

Ron Nate, Priscilla Giddings, Dorothy Moon, Christy Zito, and Karey Hanks made their requests one-by-one on the House floor on Monday, causing murmurs of surprise among some lawmakers on the floor but got no response from Bedke. Bedke later told The Associated Press that lawmakers can always choose not to attend their committee meetings, adding that he expected the issue to be discussed during the closed-door House majority caucus meeting later that day.

The small group was reacting to Bedke's decision to remove Scott from her legislative committee assignments last week after she commented to another female lawmaker that women only move up in the Legislature by trading sexual favors.

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