You might have heard by now that the Twin Falls Community Work Center will soon be closing its doors. The center, which is operated by the Idaho Department of Corrections, allows about 80 non- violent offenders to work in the community while serving out their sentences. The department says it's closing the center due to budget constraints. But not everyone is happy about the closure.  Frankie Woodworth  with Intelligent Employment Solutions in Twin Falls says her agency has hired about 33 individuals from the center this year alone. Woodworth says she thinks the center has been a win win for local employers and for the inmates themselves.  The department of corrections estimates the state will save about a million dollars a year by closing the Twin Falls facility. It employs 13 people and leases the space to house the inmates. But Woodworth says part of the inmates earnings goes right back to the Department of Corrections. She also says that while the inmates are learning good work skills employers are getting good employees.

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