Even in these tougher economic times there is still a group working on the possibility of someday building a community recreation center in Twin Falls. 


The Times News reports that plans are taking shape for that to become a reality sometime in the future.  The Twin Falls Recreation Center Committee met Tuesday to talk about the project.  Visions right now include an estimated cost of around  $5.5 million dollars for a facility of over  55,000-square feet.  The center could provide a place for basketball and volleyball leagues and a place for the public to  use batting cages, a climbing wall, and elevated running track surrounding four basketball courts.  The biggest challenge right now is finding a way to pay for it.  That could be accomplished by a bond approved by voters or the formation of a recreation district with taxing authority.  This is not something that will happen soon though but the committee members are hopeful something may happen down the road.  There is a proposed location for the center, if it should happen, located just east of the current Parks and Recreation offices on Maxwell Ave.

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