The Magic Valley is full of amazing sights, scenery and all around awesome stuff! But, these tourist reviews complaining about some of the more popular attractions are laughable.

Shoshone Falls: at times, Shoshone Falls isn't flowing great and they can be a little lack luster. One review said, "Shoshone Falls is so misleading! The Niagara of the West! Niagara Falls doesn't get turned off for irrigation! Misleading!"

  • Well first of all, there aren't a ton of farmers in New York, and Idaho is a desert that needs some water. It isn't called the Niagara of the West because it is always flowing, it's just higher and honestly better because it is in Idaho.

Perrine Bridge: this one made me crack up. "It's overrated! It's just a bridge you drive over."

  • Ok, it is just a bridge you drive over. As opposed to what? A pegasus you can fly with? What were you really expecting! Plus, the view is amazing!
City of Rocks National Reserve, Almo, Idaho. Photo Benito Baeza

City of Rocks: a lot of reviews were complaining about how hard it is to get there. Valid, But this one, it's a doozy: "The City of Rocks is full or rocks for rock climbers! Otherwise you can kind of drive around and see some stuff."

  • Well, they are large rocks that are utilized a lot for rock climbers. I am confused what kind of rocks they were expecting to see.

Centenniel Waterfront Park: Ok, this place is great! There is no way people can complain right? "It offers boat launch, fishing docks, river trails, kayak rentals and picnic tables" (1 Star review)

  • That sounds amazing! Why is this a 1 star review! Are you mad there is TOO MUCH it offers?
Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce via YouTube

Balanced Rock: this is a pretty interesting sight. You can climb up, see it, it's great. "It is a steep climb that I wouldn't recommend. You can't see the rock except from the road and it isn't even a real balanced rock!"

  • Huh?

Some reviews are legitimate about these places, people had legitimate bad experiences here and that is sad. But some of these are just hilarious. Can we say first world problems?