Rosie O’Donnell has been full of big news lately. Last week she announced she’d survived a heart attack, and now she’s revealing that two months ago, she got married.

O’Donnell and her new wife, Michelle Rounds, tied the knot in a small New York ceremony on June 9 — just a few days before Rounds underwent surgery for her rare and potentially deadly desmoid tumors.

The couple announced their engagement back in December and planned to marry this month, but after Rounds was diagnosed, they decided there was no reason to wait.

“We married in private before her surgery just the 2 of us,” O’Donnell wrote on her blog in her distinctive shorthand style. “When we r both well enough will have the wedding of r dreams surrounded by those we cherish.”

O’Donnell also announced she’s been doing some painting and is auctioning off some of that artwork (see it below) to help raise awareness of Rounds’ illness, with the proceeds going to the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation. In addition, the couple will match all donations made to Rounds via the organization.

“It is such a rare tumor. It took them quite a while to get an accurate diagnosis,” said O’Donnell’s rep, Cindi Berger. “[Michelle] had several gastrointestinal surgeries to remove the desmoid turmors. She is now on the road to recovery.”

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