Cash & Carry is Coming to Twin Falls
Construction seems to be going on everywhere in Twin Falls. I am ecstatic about the growth, and am really happy about the latest business that was announced. On June 1st construction for the new Cash & Carry Food Service building began at 1777 Canyon Crest Drive in Twin Falls.
Bring Trader Joe's to Twin Falls
If you are on a specific diet you may struggle with finding food options in Twin Falls. Because of this a group of citizens have started campaigning for a 'Trader Joe's.'
Dierkes Lake is Getting New Stairs
I think we can all agree that the wooden stairs at Dierkes Lake are a little scary. But the walk around Dierkes is a great workout with a great view. So many of us have ran up, or down, the stairs while holding our breath.
New Family Fun Center
Winter in Southern Idaho can seem really long. Little kids can't be outside for long periods of times in the winter. Cabin Fever is guaranteed to set in at some point.
New Dress Codes at Twin Falls High
Several students, like the one pictured to the left, have been sent to the office of the Twin Falls High School due to violations of the dress code. But are they violations at all?
New Mascots For Twin Falls Schools
This is a great opportunity! The Twin Falls School District is asking the community help them pick a name, colors and mascot for the three new schools set to be built.
Twin Falls School District Wants Your Opinion
The Twin Falls School District has completed tentative designs for both new elementary schools and the new middle school. They are currently inviting the public to take a look at the designs for the new schools and provide feedback.
New Restaurant in Twin Falls Offers Mexican Hot Dogs
Sonora Restaurant just opened on Friday in Twin Falls. Sonora's is a little different than a traditional Mexican Restaurant. Their business is based around hot dogs. Yup, Mexican Hot Dogs! Sonoran-style hot dogs are a hugely popular street food in Sonora. Often called Mexican hot dogs.
Rob Green Gave Away a Car!
On Saturday Rob Green Auto Group gave away a 2013 Hyundai Accent for their, "Cool To Be in School Contest". In order to qualify for the Hyundai Accent, you had to be a High School senior with perfect attendance. 21 Magic Valley students qualified for the car. They all waited p…
New BBQ in Twin Falls
The old Zulu's building on Addison has been taken over by a new Cafe called, "The Pit". The cafe opened at the end of April and has since been serving coffee, fresh doughnuts and home-made barbecue sandwiches.
Tallest Building in Boise
We are all familiar with the giant hole, known at the Boise Pit, that has been in downtown Boise for years. The giant hole has officially become Boise's newest and tallest building. Thousands of people were in downtown Boise over the weekend for the grand opening of the 17 story Zions Bank buil…
Fire Update
(KLIX)-The Cave Canyon Fire was 100% contained at 4:00 pm on August 16th at 88,909 acres. The Eightmile Fire is contained at 211 acres. The Hot Well Fire is contained at 3,056 acres, and the Deer Hollow Fire is 97% contained at 5,440 acres...