Do Prisoners Have Too Many Privileges In Jail
We often hear stories about criminals doing stupid things or criminals doing horrible things. But the fact of it all is that they broke the law - that's why they are referred to as criminals. For that reason it really bugs me when I read about inmates complaining about not having cable TV or that they don't get the best food. NEWSFLASH - if you don't like it - don't break the law!
This Guys Valentine’s Day Surprise Was Better Than Yours
Valentine's Day is a day of love and romance and people doing crazy stuff to show how much they care about their partner. A lot of the time the day includes surprises because that makes more sense than planning the day together and relieving a ton of stress! But, sometimes you have to make it a surprise and this guys Valentine's Day surprise was better than yours. It was also probably a lot more i
Transfer of Idaho Inmates to Colo. Successful
(KLIX)-The Idaho Department of Corrections has completed its transfer of Idaho inmates to a Colorado facility. IDOC officials say 120 more inmates were taken by bus to Kit Carson Correctional Center in Burlington, Colo. 250 Idaho inmates are now being housed out of state to ease population pressure in the state's prisons and jails...
130 Inmates Head to Colorado
(KLIX)-130 inmates have been taken out of Idaho prisons and jails. They all went to the Kit Carson Correctional Center in Burlington Colorado. Some went by chartered bus, others were flown there by a chartered jet. Idaho Department of Correction Director Brent Reinke said he knows how hard it is on inmate families, but he said Idaho is running out of room...
Idaho DOC Responds To Scathing Prison Report
(AP) - The Idaho Department of Correction is telling a federal judge that a scathing report about health care at a Boise-area prison isn't accurate and doesn't reflect current conditions. Attorneys for the state filed their response to the report late last week, saying a court-appointed health care expert didn't do a thorough review at the Idaho State Correctional Institution.
Twin Falls Man Sentenced To Prison
A Twin Falls man who rammed a police car with his own vehicle during a traffic stop could spend the next 20 years in prison.  41 year old Lee Fife was sentenced before Judge Richard Bevan this week for several felonies and misdemeanors.  He will spend at least five years in prison before he has a chance at being paroled...
Idaho Prison Report Unsealed
(AP) - An unsealed report says medical care is so poor at an Idaho prison that it amounts to neglect and cruel and unusual punishment. Correctional health care expert Dr. Marc Stern says there have been some improvements at the Idaho State Correctional Institution near Boise.
Judge Seals Idaho Prison Report
State prison officials say a report on health care and other conditions at an Idaho prison is so inflammatory that it must remain sealed. U.S. District Judge Lynn Winmill appointed a correctional health care expert to see if Idaho is complying with a ruling in a long -running lawsuit brought by inmates at the Idaho State Correctional Institution...
Private Prisons May Not Be That Much Cheaper For Idaho
(AP) - Idaho leaders have long promoted private prisons by saying it's cheaper for the state to outsource prison management. But an examination of comparative costs by The Associated Press shows the state has never actually done the math, and there may be no cost savings at all...