We often hear stories about criminals doing stupid things or criminals doing horrible things. But the fact of it all is that they broke the law - that's why they are referred to as criminals. For that reason it really bugs me when I read about inmates complaining about not having cable TV or that they don't get the best food. NEWSFLASH - if you don't like it - don't break the law!

Seriously! There was a story out last week from Riker's Island New York where 68 inmates rioted because they were given a lights out bedtime at 9pm. They got mad because that meant that they couldn't watch a few of their favorite late night shows. So they rioted.

I am a dad - and there are many nights where I have to do things for my family or work and I miss shows that I would have enjoyed. But I can't complain about it - and I'm not the one behind bars.

Is it really that easy in jail? Do prisoners have too many privileges in jail? What makes them think that they deserve any of the benefits of a normal life?

I just read about a guy who committed a crime and told the judge he did it because it is easier to concentrate on his studies while he is in jail. Fine - go read a book. But you cannot complain or riot that you missed 'Mistresses' on ABC or that all you get to eat is PB and J sandwiches.

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