Winter Storm in The Magic Valley
It was difficult for any Magic Valley resident to sleep last night. Winds gusted up to 40 miles an hour, snow began to swirl and cover the roads just enough to make them a sheet of ice!
Wind and Rain Rip Through Magic
(KLIX)- Tuesday trees, sheds, and anything not anchored down were thrown around by strong winds that blew through the Magic Valley. Heavy rain and wind gusts more than 50 miles an hour did its share of damage. The storm kept emergency crews busy for some time...
Storms Race Across Magic Valley
(KLIX)- Sundays batch of rough weather kept emergency personnel busy. Thunderstorms rolled through much of the Magic Valley with strong winds, multiple lightning strikes and some heavy rains. There were numerous reports of fires sparked by lightening as well as reports of power lines and trees being…
Storm Brings Slide-Offs And Power Outages
Yesterday's snow fall created a very busy day for emergency crews and left some folks without power.  Twin Falls police report they responded to 17 vehicle accidents  yesterday, Gooding county reports 14, Jerome County reported eleven accidents and Lincoln County had one.
Winds Wreak Havoc In Southern Idaho
From Boise to Jerome county yesterday's storm brought wind gusts of up to 65 miles per hour in some places. In Twin falls wind gusts were clocked at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour.  Thousands of folks were left without power for a short time in the wake of the storm...