Labor Day weekend really was a roller coaster ride weather temperatures. On Saturday I went down to Centennial to kayak, and it seemed like the rest of the Magic Valley was there too, and the temperature was pushing 100 degrees. Sunday was still nice and definitely cooler but Monday is when everything went crazy. Having sketchy weather on a holiday is tough. My family really wanted to go kayak again but we knew it was going to be dangerous so we skipped that activity. Other people didn't check the forecast and had to be saved by first responders on the water. But just because I didn't kayak doesn't mean I was totally smart in my Labor Day actions. On Sunday we had a birthday party for my wife and I set up our 20 foot canopy to give shade to our guests. On Monday I still had that canopy up and Mother Nature took it down for me. I even had that moment early in the day where I knew I should take it down and didn't.

Lucky for me, the downed canopy was the only damage I had at my house. All across town other people reported fences knocked over, trees down, power outages, and roof shingles ripped off.

2020 Labor Day Storm Damage

We had an interesting moment as we were all outside as the kids played in the yard. Right at 8 pm on Monday my oldest son commented that 'this weather is the perfect weather to me'. Just as he said that, the biggest gust of wind began to hit us and we were soon surrounded by dust and pelted by bits of debris. It was no longer his 'perfect weather'.

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