2020 Level 8: Zombie Cicadas Have Returned
Let me start by saying these cicadas are not a danger to humans, they are just incredibly strange. These cicadas are deemed "zombie cicadas" because a fungus basically overtakes a third of their body and they can continue on with daily activities.
Are Zombie Costumes Considered Family Friendly Costumes?
Zombie costumes seem to be the new vampire or Frankenstein costumes. Zombies come in all different forms: cheerleader zombies, zombie hunters, sleepover zombies, etc. At this point, zombies are just part of Halloween.
Halloween has never just been pumpkins and witches, there has always been a gory si…
Commentary: Surviving an Apocalypse
Could you survive a zombie apocalypse? I may have posted something akin to this before. The Washington post has published a county-by-county map of the country examining various survival factors in the event of a disaster. Many of you may believe the Northwest is the safest part of the country...