I did a double-take.  There were two of these signs.  One at each end of Park Avenue in Twin Falls.  You can see a lot of yard sales in spring and summer, but unless you’re passing by one and see something you like, you probably won’t stop.  For people living on streets without a lot of traffic, you need some marketing skills to get the public’s attention.  What I liked about the signs was the play on words.  The pronunciation of the street name matches the old child’s game.

I didn’t stop because I was on a tight schedule, but later kicked myself!  I’m looking for an ironing board and if I could pick up a decent one for a couple of bucks I could save a few dollars.

One of my grandmothers enjoyed going to yard sales.  She liked to spend her weekends browsing at them.  All I’ve ever done is pick up a couple of mismatched bookshelves, but they get the job done.

Some of you watch these picker shows, and there are times when you can find something incredibly valuable.  We’ve all heard the story about the guy who bought an old painting at a sale and then discovered an original copy of the Declaration of Independence between the canvas and backing.  It became his retirement fund.

When one of these picker shows first started, the hosts stopped at a friend’s farm.  “What the ***** a picker?” he asked.  The line later became part of the program’s introduction.  My buddy's claim to fame!

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Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

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