A community meeting in Utah County was recently adjourned after a crowd of people refusing to wear masks or social distance packed the room. The public meeting was organized to talk about a mask policy for school aged kids. NBC News reports that Utah County Commissioner, Tanner Ainge, commented to the crowd:

...this is the exact opposite of what we need to be doing...we're supposed to be physically distancing, wearing masks. This gathering violates current health recommendations.

Utah governor, Gary Herbert, announced a mask mandate for kids as they return to classrooms during the pandemic. While the Utah County Commissioner doesn't have the final say in the mask mandate since it came from a state level, the meeting was organized to discuss 'compassionate exemptions' for those in Utah County not wanting their children to wear masks.

There have been a lot of conspiracy theories about the actual source of COVID-19, including the idea that it is all fake and just a test by the government and businesses to see if they can get people to wear masks. Other theories include the virus coming from cellular towers, being man-made in a lab, and that the nasal test is actually used to implant a chip in your nasal cavity for monitoring. KSL goes into more depth on the concerns of those at the Utah protest.

I have four kid and I truly don't understand how anyone is expecting kids to keep a mask on all day at school. I think it would be great if kids did that, but if we are honest with ourselves, kids are all about germs and a mask will probably make them touch their face more.

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