This one slipped by me.  Did you know that the COVID home testing kits being passed out by your government came from China?  This has been the story for the last couple of months.  I saw an online post written by a reporter who didn’t know the origins until the kits arrived at his home.

The Biden Administration sent more than 1.5 billion dollars to a Chinese company for delivery of the testing supplies.  This came after President Biden urged his countrymen to buy American.  He even raised the percentage a product would need from our own shores to get the Made in America label.

Joe Biden Rewarded the People Behind the Pandemic

Then he turns around and gives your money to the country that poisoned the planet with the disease in the first place.  Apparently, when this story first surfaced, White House media spokeswoman Jen Psaki defended the move.

As an American citizen, I often feel I’m being swindled on every corner.  By my own government.  I equate it to finding your spouse in the arms of someone else every evening when you come home.  And your spouse explains she has a very affectionate cousin and you shouldn’t be at all jealous and suspicious.

Does Anyone in Government Have Any Common Sense?

One long-dead communist used to describe his apologists in what was known as the free world as useful idiots.

If you’re to believe the numbers, COVID-19 has killed 6 million people worldwide since it first emerged in China.  Anthony Fauci just funded a study with your tax dollars that claimed the virus emerged in a lab.  Mainstream media wrote it up as fact, despite the research having yet to be peer-reviewed.  Dr. Fauci also used your tax dollars for research at a lab a few hundred yards from the market.  He could be biased!

Heck, if this is how things are going to work, then why not say uncle and surrender to the Chinese?

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