A photograph of a man holding a flag associated with the German Reich and said to have been taken near a "southern Idaho" park has been shared numerous times on the Internet. The photo was shared by an Idaho Air Force veteran.

Thousands of people have responded to the photograph, which was likely taken in the city of Mountain Home, which is where the Mountain Home Air Force Base is headquartered. I initially came across the picture on a Reddit page devoted to all things Idaho. The woman captions the photograph with the words "southern Idaho."


The woman also states that she shared the picture as a way to make the community aware. The photograph was also shared by the website dailykos.com. Mountain Home has several parks throughout the city, so it's difficult to know exactly where this picture was taken.

The flag bearing the swastika was designed over 100 years ago, and was used by the Nazi party predominantly in the 1930s and forties.

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